The NHS Constitution

The NHS is there for us from the moment we are born. It takes care of us and our family members when we need it most.

The NHS Constitution was created to protect the NHS and ensure it will always do the things it was set up to do when launched in 1948: provide high quality healthcare that is free and for everyone.

No government is able to change this constitution – essentially a promise that the NHS will always be there for you – without the full involvement of staff, patients and the public

The NHS Constitution sets out what you can expect from the NHS, your rights as a patient, the quality of care you’ll receive, the treatments available to you and your right to comment and complain.

You can view a copy here.

Patient responsibilities

To help all healthcare services provide a prompt, courteous and efficient service to all, we ask you to:

  • Use appointment and prescription systems appropriately and responsibly
  • Supply information requested by staff
  • Treat staff with courtesy and respect

⚠️ Patient notice ⚠

Please note text messages are currently being sent on behalf the practice by the PCN. These texts will look as follows:



Dear <first name> You’re eligible for the free nhs diabetes prevention programme. In the last 12 months your blood sugar was in the pre-diabetic range which means you could be at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. If you would like to book a place on the programme please call 08000921191 today or alternatively register your details for a call back using this link this message has been sent on behalf of the NHS.

NHS number

HBA1C Level <data>

Date of HBA1C <data>



Patient Access Notice!

CLICK for important information regarding false emails from Patient Access