Statement of Purpose

Dr Mason and Partners
Fernbank Surgery
Victoria St, Lytham & Freckleton Health Centre Freckleton
01253 202040

Service Provider ID: 1-199782103

Registered Manager: Mrs Diane Eaton

Practice Manager: Miss Stephanie Chetter

The Practice Philosophy

  • To provide an exemplary primary health care service for all patients registered with the practice making use of all the services available
  • To encourage appropriate self-care, self-understanding and attention to a healthy lifestyle
  • To work as a team who are professionally content & well motivated
  • To educate ourselves, our patients, colleagues, registrars and students from any discipline – and to learn from them.
  • To treat everyone as an individual, without discrimination

Legal Status

We are a Partnership comprising of:

  • Dr Ruth Mason
  • Dr Katie Chapman
  • Dr Anika Chowdhury
  • Dr Hannah Todd

Practice Population on 30 May 2024                     11302

Regulated Activities

We are registered to provide:

  1. The treatment of disease, disorder or injury
  2. Diagnostic and screening procedures
  3. Family Planning
  4. Maternity and Midwifery services
  5. Surgical procedures